50 members of the jury 5th 35AWARDS
from 50 countries

Every year competition will attract 50 jury members from different countries. No more than one person from each. What will choose the winners of the most independent and objective.

1. Russia
Kazantsev Alexey
2. India
Sambath Subbaiah
3. Ukraine
Slava Samoilenko
4. France
Florent Gooden
5. Germany
laukart photography
6. Spain
Hugo Valle Perez
7. Great Britain
Magdalena Kolakowska
8. Indonesia
Bimo Pradityo
9. Mexico
Salem McBunny
10. Iran
ali falak
11. Australia
Despird Zhang
12. Romania
Calin Stan
13. Vietnam
14. Portugal
Luis Lopes
15. Pakistan
Muhammad Abu Bakar
16. Bangladesh
Ashraful Islam Shimul
17. Greece
Vasileios Arsenis
18. Japan
W Shan
19. Kazakhstan
Veronika Medvedeva
20. Egypt
mohamed eldor
21. Slovakia
Martin Krystynek
22. Serbia
Jelena Jankovic
23. Norway
Roger Brendhagen
24. Korea Republic
Nathaniel Merz
25. Chili
Maria Paz Morales Dote
26. Denmark
Egle Ellerman
27. Ireland
Grzegorz Kaczmarek
28. Finland
Mulkahainen Valtteri
29. Ghana
Oduro Nana Frimpong you
30. Qatar
Ranoosh ali PV
31. Palestine
Mohammed Asad
The jury list is not complete and will be updated...
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